How To Delete LendingTree Account | 2 Easy Ways

How To Delete LendingTree Account | 2 Easy Ways

LendingTree is a company that provides online services to connect people with the best possible loans. They help borrowers find the best rates on mortgages, refinance options, home equity loans, car loans, and even personal loans.

The site has grown in popularity over the last few years because of its user-friendly interface and ability to provide high-quality results for consumers looking for financial assistance quickly. In addition, LendingTree provides an easy way to compare rates from multiple lenders, allowing borrowers to get better terms on their loans.

How To Delete LendingTree Account

If you want to know how to delete LendingTree account it may be possible for you to do so with the following steps:

  1. Log into your LendingTree account.
  2. Click the “My Account” button at the top right-hand side of your screen.
  3. Next, click on the “Account” button in the menu section of your profile page, and select “Edit Profile.”
  4. Scroll down to where you see “Delete My Account” enter your password and click the “Remove Account” button.

How To Delete LendingTree Account By Contacting Support

If you want to delete your LendingTree Account via support then you can request via mail or call (800) 535-2488, and they will need some personal information like Name, DOB, SSN, and Address to make sure it’s you.


In conclusion, it’s always a good idea to check if is the right place for you to be at. Because many other financial options can help you with your goals and might even cost less, and, who knows, maybe later on when you need another loan, this company can be helpful.

All You remember is that there are always some risks involved in personal finance, such as high-interest loans or finding a new way for your money needs. So check it out, go through and see what they can offer you.

All in all, good luck with your goals, and I hope you achieve them!

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