How To Make A Sponge In Minecraft | 12 Easy Steps

How To Make A Sponge In Minecraft | 12 Easy Steps

The Minecraft game has many exciting features. One of them is making a sponge that can be used for certain things in the game. This article will show you how to make a sponge in Minecraft step by step.

Steps For How To Make A Sponge In Minecraft

Below are the steps for how to make a sponge in Minecraft so please follow all the steps:

  1. Gather six pieces of dirt.
  2. Place two of the dirt in a row on the ground.
  3. Place another row directly above the first row.
  4. You will now have three rows of three blocks, each with a space in between them, this is called your “grid”, and it will be the foundation for the rest of your sponge, so make sure it is long enough and tall enough to fit around your intended flow of water.
  5. Place a block on the left side of the top row.
  6. Place two blocks below that, below the second row.
  7. This will be your first “cell” (a small space enclosed by four dirt blocks) make five more cells in the same way.
  8. Once you’ve made your five cells, it’s time to make a “passageway” (a long and very narrow dirt block that facilitates moving water from one area of your sponge to another).
  9. Look at the second cell on the left side: count over three blocks and place a small passageway there.
  10. Fill in the three blocks to your left of that passageway with dirt, effectively blocking it off.
  11. Now look at the block directly below where you’ve just blocked off your water flow: place another narrow passageway on that block
  12. Fill in the five blocks to its right with dirt, completely closing off that section of the sponge that leaves you with six total cells and six total passageways (one in each cell and one connecting each pair of adjacent cells) – repeat the block-breaking and passageway placing on this third row until they’re all filled in. At this point, your sponge is done! just place a water source block above any of your passageways, and it will automatically fill up all the cells.

Keep in mind that if you break one or more of your passageways while there is still water inside, that water will fall out, so be careful!

You could add a button at the base of each cell to open and close that cell’s passageway for easy access to individual cells.

You could add a dye to each cell and make a multi-coloured underwater sponge! you could dye the grid, too, if you want it to show up above water 🙂

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