How to Delete Adobe Account

How to Delete Adobe Account

There are two types of people that might want to delete Adobe account. Those who didn’t intend to create an account in the first place (and don’t remember how it happened), and those who have been hacked.

In this blog post we will tell you the deletion method of adobe account and also its benefits and drawbacks as well. So without any further delay, lets go to the topic.

What is an Adobe Account?

Adobe account is the main platform for Adobe services. Adobe accounts can be used to install or remove new programs, access your favorite files on another device, check the status of all installed applications, and more.

Why You Should Delete Adobe Account?

If you have an adobe account, you delete it because there are several drawbacks of having such type of account.

When You Should Delete Adobe Account?

You should delete your adobe account if you have decided to stop using Adobe forever. You have the option of either deleting or canceling your Adobe account depending on what you wish to do.

Is It Safe To Delete an Adobe Account?

yes, it’s safe to delete your adobe account. However, some of the information you have stored on your deleted Adobe will no longer be accessible to you except if you regularly delete the information from time to time.

Benefits of Having an Adobe Account

The benefits of having an adobe account is that you will get updates of the product and it also allows you to share your creations with others by publishing them on your portfolio and also you can collaborate on projects with other people.

Drawback of Having an Adobe Account

The drawbacks of having an adobe account is associated with the security features that make up your adobe account. An example of this is if you delete your adobe account, all of the information you’ve uploaded can not be recovered even if you created a new adobe account.

The biggest drawback is that all your personal information is stored in one place and can be hacked or stolen very easily. Another reason could be if you don’t use Adobe programs anymore delete it so there won’t be any monthly charges from them.

What Can Happen If You don’t Delete Adobe Account

Your Adobe account can be hijacked if you do not delete your adobe account and go with a different email address. If you delete it today, another person can still access your account by trying to log in tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

You should delete your adobe account as soon as possible because you do not know who is looking at your stored information no matter how interesting or uninteresting it might be.

What Happens If You Delete Adobe Account Suddenly?

If you delete Adobe account suddenly without notifying anyone, all the information that is related to it will be lost to you except for what you have regularly deleted in time. However, if you delete your Adobe ID with the desire of starting afresh, you are free to delete all the information that you have stored with it.

Is It Possible To Reactivate Adobe Account After Deletion?

No, once you delete your adobe account it won’t be possible to return and use the same account. It is best for you to delete the Adobe ID as soon as possible before anything bad occurs on your end.

Will My Files, Games, or Books Delete After Deleting The Adobe Account?

If you are using the files, games, or books with Adobe ID, they will be deleted from your account. If you are using the files, games, or books without Adobe ID, you can re-download them after deleting the Adobe account.

Will I Lose My Previous Purchases After I Delete Adobe Account?

Yes, when you delete your Adobe ID all your past purchases will be inaccessible. You won’t be able to download the items you have deleted from your adobe account on a new computer.

Deleting your Adobe ID will delete all the information related to this adobe ID from your device and the newly downloaded items will be saved under a different Adobe id.

How Do I Delete Adobe Account?

If you want to delete your account then please follow the steps given below, there are two methods to delete adobe account permanently.

Steps To Delete Adobe Account

Method #1

1. Go to the Adobe website.

2. Click on “Sign in” located at the top right-hand corner of the page then go to account settings and click on “Delete My Account“.

3. Choose a reason to delete the adobe account that is best for you.

4. Enter your Adobe ID and Password information, which are required to delete your account, then click on Delete Account.

6. Wait for Adobe to delete your account and also send you an email notification when your Adobe ID has been deleted.

If first method not works or the delete account option is not available then please try second method.

Method #2

1. Go To >>> Adobe Privacy Center

2. Click ‘Contact Us

3. Under ‘Other Privacy Question Not Listed Above?‘ click ‘Sign in to begin‘ and you’ll get to the form to request account deletion.

4. Fill out the form and submit your details to get your account deleted.

Thank you for reading! If you have any query about this article, leave a comment below.

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