What Came First Pokemon Or Digimon

What Came First Pokemon Or Digimon

In this blog post we will tell you What Came First Pokemon Or Digimon so let’s move to the topic without any further delay.

This is a question that has been on the minds of children around the world. It’s hard to know for sure, but it seems as Pokemon came first, it inspired Digimon. If you think about it, Pokemon was released in 1996, while Digimon wasn’t released until 1997.

Find Out What Came First Pokemon Or Digimon

It could be because they started making Pokemon and then decided to make another anime series based on it. Another reason why this could be true is that many people believe that Digimon is just pokemon with more evolved forms or “digivolved” forms.

I think that both Pokémon and Digimon are the results of two separate creative minds who had somewhat similar ideas at roughly the same time. It is an eyewitness account from someone there: “One day, and I were talking on a bench.

He said, “I’m thinking of a video game that kids with no friends could play and never run out of things to do.” We then started kicking this idea around, and we came up with the basic formula:

Nintendo makes Pokemon, and Bandai makes Digimon. It means they couldn’t copy the other as a sort of copyright protection. So one is the prototype, and the other is a copy because one was made before the other? No, no. Let’s say both came out at the same time. Wouldn’t it be strange to have two characters that are exact copies of each other? It would look like an imitation.

Both Pikachu and Agumon are electric-type monster characters.

Neither has a family or friends, and they kind of go on an adventure on their own to meet new people and become stronger.

They even wear a similar orange-and-white hat! I don’t think there’s anyone who’d say that Pikachu came first because it looks like Agumon. Also, Pikachu wears a different type of hat.

Pokémon has 151 species, and Digimon has 51 species. It’s pretty apparent they chose their characters, so it wouldn’t look like an imitation of each other if they both had more than 100 species.

Both are digital monsters that could never exist in real life and inhabit another world.

Although they are also similar to the Tamagotchi Digital pets that were popular at about the same time as Pokémon’s debut, Digimon appeared after Pokemon, so there is no need for Digimon to imitate it.

A Digimon otaku who likes Digimon more than Pokémon.”

I think that’s highly accurate. It seems like the Digimon TV anime was probably inspired by Pokémon, considering the incredible similarities. But I don’t know what happened before that! If I find anything, I’ll update it here.

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