How To Hit a Cart Without a Battery | 9 Best Ways

How To Hit a Cart Without a Battery | 9 Best Ways

I was a bit surprised to find out that there are a few different ways for how to hit a cart without a battery. It may seem like an odd topic, but I felt it necessary to share this information with the world because many people have been asking me about it lately!

Best Ways For How To Hit a Cart Without a Battery

Below are the nine best ways for How To Hit a Cart Without a Battery check and tell us your opinion using the comment section at the end of this article.

1. Kick it yourself: This is easy but slow. You can do this with your foot, or if you are feeling powerful, your heel!

2. Push it out of the way with a person standing inside: Someone has to be INSIDE the cart for this one, so I am sorry if that ruins your plans. You push the cart out of the way with this person in there, and they get to walk back to wherever it came from.

3. Push it with a car: If you have a golf cart but not a battery for some reason, you can always borrow your buddy’s car and use that instead! It is a little weird, but it’s effective!

4. Hand it through a fence: If you have a golf cart, or know someone who does, try putting the back of the cart up against a fence and pushing it from behind. This way is excellent for getting around corners! Just be careful going over the bumpy ground because that will knock the cart over!

5. Fall on it: This is not great for your back, but if you are low on options, walk up to the cart and fall on top of it. It may move a bit, so try to keep some weight distribution with your arms. This option might be best performed by two people working together, so more weight on the cart.

6. Throw a rock at it: If you have rocks with you or can find some, this is an easy way to knock the golf cart over. Just pick one up and throw it! Be careful, though, because you might hit someone else in the process!

7. Jump over it: If you are on foot and don’t mind getting your shoes dirty, try jumping over the cart! This is a great way to move quickly for short distances, like if someone was chasing you down.

8. Hide behind it: This is another easy one, hide behind the golf cart so that no one can see you! To play it safe, though, stand next to the back of the golf cart so people won’t accidentally walk by and knock it over.

9. Push two carts together: This is tricky but effective. If there are two carts close enough to each other without anyone watching them, push them both at once! You will have to balance carefully, or they will fall apart before moving too far, though.

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