I Take Your Question Meaning

I Take Your Question Meaning

The Word Question

The word “question” is so commonly used in English language. Majority of the people do not even notice nor care about this word. But when it comes to really communicating with other people, the usage of words changes into something more meaningful and practical.

I Take Your Question Meaning

I am glad that you are interested in knowing of the phrase “i take your question meaning.” Well, this expression means that i accept or endear what you said.

If you ask me, “What time is it?” and i answer by saying “i take your question,” i mean to convey my agreement on what you mentioned.

That means i understand your question and i accept what you said. So, in this sense, “i take your question” means that i take it or absorb your words and meaning. That is the literal and primary meaning of this phrase.

You can also say, “i take your question” in order to mean that i am willing to do whatever you are asking for or expecting me to do. If someone says, “I have a lot of work on my desk tomorrow,” another person may answer by saying, ” i take your question.” In this case, the latter means that he is willing to do the work.

I just use the phrase to show my willingness to give you an explanation. Even if i am not really sure about the proper time, i can still say “i take your question” in order to show you that i will try my very best to look for it.

What does “I take your question” really mean?

This is a common question and can get you some odd looks if you use it in the wrong context. Essentially, this expression means that someone is ready to listen to what you have to say or ask without hesitation; for example: A: Are we going out after work today? B: I take your question meaning yes.

In other words, when you say “i take your question,” you are taking the other person’s query in a positive sense and accepting it as a valid point or concern without resistance or judgment.

An exact quote that is relevant to the context in which it is being presented. May be useful for writers, editors, speakers etc. It is not presented as an example of good writing or speaking. Example answer: I don’t understand what you are asking me.? The exact question needs to be clarified.

Although this expression can be used in a positive way, it is more often used to acknowledge the validity of a criticism or suggestion.


This phrase specifically has been used in the legal profession, but it is a more generic way of giving a response that clarifies that one does not understand what has just been asked or said. Used to give a person an opportunity to clarify their statement or question before continuing on with the process. It can be used as a statement or question.

This phrase is considered to either be redundant or repetitive, depending on the use of it. For example, if someone were asked for clarification for their question and they responded with “I don’t understand what you are asking me,” this could be considered repetitive in most cases because it is basically saying the same thing as the question that was asked.

However, if someone were to say “I don’t understand your question,” it is a more direct response and gives the person asking the question an opportunity to make their statement or question clearer before they continue on with their process. In some cases this could be considered redundant as well because it is basically saying the same thing again in a different way, but it is still considered to be more direct.

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