How To Say Help Me In Japanese?

How To Say Help Me In Japanese?

A new semester is starting and you’re struggling to learn Japanese. You see your classmates effortlessly memorize the language, but it’s not as easy for you. It feels like everyone around you has a natural ability and talent that makes learning the language seem effortless, but for some reason this doesn’t happen for you.

It seems like every time try to speak Japanese, all of the words come out wrong! But don’t worry – we’ve got your back! This blog post will help teach how to say “help me” in Japanese so next time someone asks what’s wrong or why something isn’t working, just reply with “help me!”

How to say help me in Japanese? This is a question I get asked all the time. The best way to translate “help me” into Japanese would be using the word “assist.” So when asking someone for assistance in English, simply say “assist me” and they will know that you need their help!

How To Say Help Me In Japanese

I need help! 助けが必要です! Tasuke ga hitsuyō desu.
Please help! お助け下さい! O-tasuke kudasai.
Please help me! 御力を貸してください! O-rikugi o kashite kudasai.
Please help us! 御力をお借りしてください!O chikara o o kari shite kudasai.
I’m in trouble! 大変な状態です。 Taihen na jōtai desu.
Please save! 救ってください! Sukutte kudasai.

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