How Long Do Braces Take To Close a Gap | Easy Way

How Long Do Braces Take To Close a Gap | Easy Way

If you are looking for the time to remove the gap of your braces then you are at the right place, in this article we will tell you how long do braces take to close a gap so without any further delay lets move on.

There are many factors that will affect the amount of time one needs to be in treatment, but your braces may take up to two years or longer if you have not closed your space before getting braces.

Can I Close a Gap With Braces?

Yes! If you have a large enough space between your teeth, it is possible to close this space through orthodontic treatment. However, please note that you should not have ample space between your teeth if they are very crooked or misaligned.

In cases where there is a large gap between your teeth, it is possible to close the gap with braces or combine both braces and Invisalign.

Steps For How Long Do Braces Take To Close a Gap

Closing any gap with Invisalign or braces can be achieved through stages. The most common number of stages is 2-3, but each case will be different. The steps to closing a gap with braces are as follows:

Step 1: Initial Orthodontic Appliance Treatment (optional) If you have an initial appliance, it may speed up your treatment by making movements possible immediately while reducing the number of additional instruments needed for treatment. However, once your teeth are lined up, and the initial appliance is removed, it will be essential to wear a retainer for the remainder of your treatment.

Step 2: Fixed Retainers In some cases, fixed retainers are the best way to close a gap with braces. They do not have any moving parts and can be worn 24/7 until closing or settled into place. After a fixed retainer has been fitted, you will need to wear it for the remainder of treatment.

Step 3: Removable Retainers When there are no teeth or just front teeth remaining, alternative types of retainers can be used that may include removable ones. It will allow the patient to clean them better than fixed appliances. If needed, these retainers can be used for a few months after teeth have been settled into place.

Final Result For How Long Do Braces Take To Close a Gap

Once your braces or Invisalign treatment has been completed, it will be essential to wear a retainer which should only be worn at night. After this, you will need to return in around six months to ensure that your teeth stay in place. Once this time has passed, it may be possible to remove the retainer during the day for an interim visit, allowing you to see how your teeth are doing.

Please note that it is important to avoid sticky or chewy foods as these can cause movement of the teeth, so if any changes occur, please get in touch with dental care.

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