How To Get Kenba? How To Use Kenba Free Guide

How To Get Kenba & Canva Pro? How To Use Kenba Free Guide


How To Get Kenba?: Canva provides templates, fonts, and styles used to create graphics and is very popular it is used to create posts for social media platforms like Facebook Instagram, Linked In Twitter for some other platforms you can create posts there in your way can add photos and there are many other options like changing font styles size you can design logos, posters-shirts and also can create videos and professionally edit them it is used by businessmen and freelancers around the world.

In canva pro some extra features have been added and it is an updated version of Canva there is a huge variety of templates and graphics given to choose magic resize feature is also given there. 

Users can create their brand’s logos fonts and can add colours in Canva Pro free link. Users can also animate their graphics where users can create videos for their brands and it has been used widely for business purposes, freelancers, and also for students. This platform has gained huge success in no time.


1. Social media platforms

Social media is being used all over the world there is good news for users they can create their social media posts by using this user can edit the huge variety of templates given use these in creating social media posts and can also add text and create their logos their users can upload photos videos and audio a huge variety of templates and styles are given their users can create according to these templates and styles for every kind of things 

 if you are a businessman you will write business in the search template and posts relating to the business will show you can create posts according to this and edit options are been given or if you want to wish on their special occasions you can also search for this and designs post according to this. 

2. Creating videos 

Users can also create videos for their business or personal use and also add page duplicates can also add colours and increase or decrease the timing of video users can assemble their videos the way they want users can create mobile videos, Facebook videos, Instagram reels TikTok videos, YouTube, ads, LinkedIn video Pinterest video and slide show video in Canva Pro team 

3. Presentations

How To Get Canva: Users can also create presentations in Canva Pro download  for their school, college, or any kind of business or personal purposes users have to choose there that in which way they want to create their presentation they can do editing and also add some Colours, page layers, and also can animate it the way they want users can also create game presentations there and can also add different presentation pages.

4. Creating documents 

You can also create documents for your company there like if you have a hotel or restaurant for example if you want to create a food menu page for your hotel you have to click on the documents option given on Canva Pro free for PC after selecting this option it will show you a sample of these documents there you have to choose the sample you want to after that user can edit it the way they want can add item its price quantity there and can also create it in size that users want can also add font style choose the color and create it in the way the user wants.

There is also great news for website users can create and design the cover page of websites in the way they want huge variety of templates, layouts, and styles are given there depending on the website you are using whether it’s a business, personal, or a company website user can choose template or style and create design page for website the way they want users can add or different photos there and edit it the way they want

Extra features 

A large amount of extra features are also given there by clicking on the more options given users can create infographics, photo collages, and desktop wallpaper You can also create book covers magazine covers, calendars, and worksheets if you want to create class schedule concept maps then you are at the right place users have the option of YouTube intro if you are a YouTube create you can create YouTube intro in Canva Pro free link if you are a teacher you can also design and edit class schedule lesson program where users can also create desktop wallpaper and mobile wallpaper there 

You can also create proposals there like business proposals marketing proposals, sponsorship proposals, marketing proposals, project proposals, brand proposals website proposals research, and partnership proposals users can choose their design and edit it in the way they want and can also choose a style, theme subject or topic of proposal these options are given there after choosing the type of proposal user can edit and assemble it in the way they want. 


Canva Pro subscription is widely used by graphic designers businesses men’s freelancers and is also used for personal reasons all around the world its users are increasing day by day canva is free for all individuals they can use its features for free of cost 

  some extra features have been added which are not free and you have to spend some money to use that its limited edition is free but if you are an everyday user or you are managing some kind of business or a freelance then you won’t get access to its pro feature to grow your profession then you needs to subscribe this by subscribing you will be able to access all its pro features including templates images and will increase the ability to create social media advertisements presentations and videos you will get access to tools and advanced features given there 

1. Free subscription

Users can also use Canva Pro free for students it is free for thirty days which you will be given access to all its pro features but it is only for thirty days after that you need to get a subscription for full access users cannot use its free version for more than thirty days. 

2. Discount offer

account canva pro also gives discount offers to students, teachers, and also some non-profit organizations like charity organizations but you have to provide proof users can get more information about that by visiting their website.

3. Contest and giveaways

You need to follow their social media platforms to get a free subscription for a lifetime they do different types of contests on their social media platforms if you win a contest you can get a full-time subscription easily to avail of this opportunity you need to keep attention to their social media account. 

4. Other options

You can also consider other options for free usage other than the access canva pro for free. There are huge numbers of free applications given there that have the same features as Canva Pro.

5. Canva ambassador

If you want to use Canva Pro for free you can avail of this by becoming their ambassador but for that one has to be a social media influencer to become their ambassador or to be a blogger and promote ai in canva in their followers their ambassador receives a free subscription. 

5. Promo codes

Sometimes promo code is offered by the app team on their website and social media platforms you can use that promo code to get a discount for using it for free users who need to get daily updates given to them on their different platforms. 

6. Limited features 

You can also use its free version with limited features its free version gives access to a limited number of fonts, templates graphics, and other features given in limited amount but the user will not be able to use their premium features. 

Pros and Cons


  1. Great tool for anyone to become a designer
  2. Easy and simple to use
  3.   apk canva pro PC graphics are user friendly and a wide range of features are given there 
  4. Best for social media platforms variety of templates has been provided
  5. Very popular and is used by every kind of people
  6. You can create website designs easily 
  7. Best for freelancers, businessmen, Professionals, and students.
  8. You can find the perfect photo for your usage there vast variety of stock photos available there
  9. You can create business cards and do documentation there


Limited numbers of templates and stock photos are available in Canva to enjoy pro features you need a subscription.


  1. Is there any possibility of using Canva Pro for free?

Yes, you can use it for free but just for 30 days

  1. is it easy to use it?

With a lot of new features and new options being introduced in Canva Pro, it takes some time for beginners to understand it clearly

  1. What is the difference between Canva and Canva Pro?

Canva is free but Canva Pro needs a subscription if you want to enjoy its premium features.

Final verdicts

If you are a graphics, freelancer, or businessman or you are working in any field of life benefits of canva pro  is a necessary tool for you because, in this new age, everything is online if you are managing any kind of social media platform you needs this for social media posts you can create and edit everything there an unlimited and wide variety of features are been given and they all are for your help if you are sometimes user or used it for some personal purpose then you can use it for free with limited features but if you are a professional then you need its premium features you need to get its subscription.

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