Easy Steps: How To Delete Deliveroo Account

Easy Steps: How To Delete Deliveroo Account

So you want to know that how to delete Deliveroo account? There are a few steps that need to be taken before the account can be deleted. We will walk through each step so you know what needs to happen and how long it should take for everything to be completed.

Quick Answer: How To Delete Deliveroo Account

Users cannot delete accounts themselves, and they must contact Deliveroo to get their accounts deleted by them.

Steps To Delete Deliveroo Account

  1. log in to Deliveroo and go to Account settings; this is located on the left-hand side of the page.
  2. Delete Account – this is circled in red in the image above.
  3. Confirm information – you will be asked to enter your password and confirm everything by clicking on Delete account again. This has to be done twice, once for each line (two pieces of information).
  4. Finally, check your spam folder in your email. Deliveroo will send an email to the address you have on file, notifying you that your Account is being deleted, and if you want it back, you must log in within 30 days. During this time, no one else can access the Account because all of your information is being wiped from their system.

How The Deletion Process Of Deliveroo Works?

  • The reason why Deliveroo does not let users have a Facebook or Google+ login option is that their emails are stored on their servers, so if they stored them on a social media website, then they wouldn’t have access to those emails. This is also why Deliveroo makes you confirm everything twice; this way, if your information doesn’t go through on their end, it can be resent instead of having a user think that their account was deleted when it wasn’t.
  • If a friend uses your email address to sign up for an account, then Deliveroo will delete your email from their system if you do not have any activity in the last six months. If you log in within the period that your email is being deleted, it will be put back into your account information.
  • A user will only be notified when they are over the top limit in deliveries because they are unable to log in. Deliveroo will not email stating that you are too high in deliveries.
  • The reason why it takes up to three days for the account deletion process to go through is that it has to be done manually by the Deliveroos workforce. There isn’t anything else preventing this from being completed instantly aside from the worker having to go through with it. There are issues in deleting accounts because Deliveroo doesn’t have a direct way of doing it; they have to get one of their employees to do it for them, which can take up to three days.
  • The time limit on when an account has expired since you last logged in using Deliveroo is six months. If you have not used the website in 6 months, your account will automatically expire because Deliveroo can’t confirm if you are still active or not, so they delete them instead of having them expire. Keep in mind that this does not mean that your information will be deleted soon; it just needs to make sure that you log into your account at least once every six months.
  • If you have not accessed your Deliveroo account in 2 years after it has initially been created, then the account is automatically deleted by Deliveroo because they do not know if you are still active or not. This can happen even if you have logged in using Deliveroo at some point. This is why a small percentage of accounts have been deleted because it has expired, and they do not know if the user was active at any point.
  • Deliveroo will not delete your account as soon as you ask, but it will try to process this as quickly as possible for you. The delay in deleting accounts can be an issue to some users because they think their account has been deleted, so you will have to wait up to three days for this process, or six months if the user hasn’t used Deliveroo before.

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