What is Ubersuggest and How To Get it Free?

What is Ubersuggest and How To Get it Free?

Ubersuggest is a free and very fast keyword suggestion tool. You give it a seed keyword, and it generates hundreds of long-tail keywords (in English) quickly and accurately.

It won’t give you all the variations like a normal keyword tool, but you’ll get many more ideas than you would with Google Suggest or most other tools that provide keyword suggestions.

What is it Good For?

This free tool can help you generate more keyword ideas, even if you are familiar with search queries because it will suggest terms that are not popular enough to get into Google Suggest.

It should be mentioned that the tool provides only broad match keywords. If you want to generate keyword suggestions for exact match queries, check out the paid version of Ubersuggest.

How To Use it?

Just type a seed keyword into the form and press “suggest”. You can also enter multiple seed keywords separated by commas (no spaces). The tool will generate a list of related long-tail keywords that you can sort by relevance alphabetically or download in CSV/XLS format.

How To Save The Keywords?

You can save your results by clicking on the “Export” button under each result set. The download should be an xls file that you can open with Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc spreadsheet application. You may also choose CSV format for easier reading in text editors and advanced spreadsheets such as Open Office Calc.

Do I Have To Register?

No, you do not have to register to receive the generated keywords. No personal information is being saved or logged either. You can copy and paste them right away into your next keyword research project! To download the results, click the “Export” button under each result set.

Is Ubersuggest Worth it?

It’s free, quick and accurate enough.

The downside is that it can give you very broad keywords, which are not exactly the phrases people type into search engines when looking for information or purchasing products. So, if you want to get more precise results, use different tools to dig deeper.

How To Get Ubersuggest Free?

As Moz, ubersuggest also provides the opportunity of a free trial, so if you want to check the tool before purchasing, then you can get seven days of a free trial.

Don’t worry; you can cancel your free trial before the end of 7 days; otherwise, they will charge you for the next month.

If you notice that the tool is the best and gives you amazing results, you can buy the subscription plan for a month or a year.

And if you don’t want to try your card and still want to use the tool, you can get the credentials from the button below to test Ubersuggest that how it works.

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